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Welfare EXPOSED!

EXPOSED – THIS Group Gets More Welfare than Americans, Media Silent

This Center for Immigration Studies report may have just won Donald Trump a whole lot more support from working class Democrats.

According to the disturbing federal report illegal immigrants, on average, receive about $5,692 in taxpayer-funded welfare benefits each and every year.

Americans, or as they are referred to in the Center for Immigration Studies report, “native” citizens, receive about $4,431 annually, the Washington Examiner notes.

Taxpayers are forking over about $103 billion of their hard-earned money to cover the welfare benefits of both legal and illegal immigrants each year.

While approximately 30 percent of American households received some type of welfare assistance, a grand total of 51 percent of immigrant households are living, at least partially, off of the government dole.

According to the same report, when your money is being spent to cover the food, clothing, shelter, housing, and medical care of illegal immigrants, it is primarily being funneled to criminals from Mexico and Central America.

OK, criminals is my term and not the phrasing the authors of the big government report used – but if you come into this country illegally, you are breaking the law and when Americans break the law they are indeed dubbed CRIMINALS.

Illegal immigrants from Mexico and Central America are handed more of our money than their peers from other nations, according to the study. On average, illegal aliens from that particular neck of the woods are given about $8,251.86 in welfare benefits.

The next time you even consider voting for a Democrat, look into your wallet, remove one-third of what you find, and then throw it out the window.

That amount is about how much the government is taxing your to cover their nanny state policies for both jobless Americans and illegal immigrants alike.