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Our top picks for Donald Trump’s VP

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Lately, there has been a lot of speculation about who Republican presidential preemptive nominee, Donald Trump, will pick for his VP. New Jersey Governor, Chris Christi, seems to have become most MSM sites’ favorite candidate for the job. Gov. Christi would be a fine choice for VP, but, we here at The Freedom Beacon, believe there are 2 other candidates who are much more up to the task.
Our first pick for VP is Senator Joni Ernst. No, we did not feel compelled to pick a woman for the position, we simply felt compelled to pick Senator Joni Ernst. As an Iowa state senator, Ernst co-sponsored several bills regarding state nullification of federal law. These bills took aim at federal laws in violation of the Tenth Amendment, and “urged the nullification” of many EPA regulations. Ernst has also agreed with many other right wing politicians by stating Obama had “become a dictator” in relation to his recess appointments. Ernst has argued against a federal minimum wage, and believes this should be left up to the states. Most importantly, she is pro-life and voted for fetal personhood, is against same-sex marriage, and is eager to repeal Obamacare. Joni Ernst, as VP, would be like America having her very own “Sally Langston”.
Our second choice, for both this article and in VPs, is Senator Lindsey Graham. Now, I know what many of you are thinking, how could Sen. Graham serve as VP to a president he once compared to being either shot or poisoned? It’s easy! First, let us remember that many regrettable things are said during the heat of primary battle; and second, the White House could use a little conservative eye candy for once! Putting aside the potential VP’s bachelorhood for a moment, Graham is a former colonel in the United States Air Force, against all forms of gun reform, and is a champion for Israel. He is the kind of champion Israel has been forced to go without these past 8 years. Also, since Senator Graham was one of the few primary candidates to have the courage to stand up for himself, it leads to reason that Lindsey could help push Donald to be the hero of conservative ways, that he has promised to be as president.
One thing is for sure, Trump has many wonderful conservatives to choose from for VP. I have no doubt he will choose wise and well. I have faith, and trust, he will let God lead him in this decision, and then God will lead the both of them to an easy victory over the Democrats.