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Ontario Woman follows GPS into lake!

Photo by Andrea Vince/Tobermory Press, via Facebook (Inland Seas, Kayaking the Great Lakes)

A 23 year old woman from Kitchner, Ontario was closely following her GPS directions on a foggy night, unfortunately those directions led her directly into a lake Thursday night in Tobermory, Ont., according to provincial police.

Const. Katrina Rubinstein-Gilbert said driving conditions were difficult as the woman approached a boat launch on Little Tub Harbour near midnight, with rain and fog making visibility difficult.

As a result, Rubinstein-Gilbert said the woman made a wrong turn with dramatic consequences.

“How the launch works, it’s not an airborne thing. It’s not ‘Dukes of Hazzard.’ It kind of goes off the road and the launch just drops all of a sudden,” she said. “So she would have been driving on the road, and then all of a sudden just dropped and hit water.”

“She’s in really good spirits,” she said. “Of course a little embarrassed, but taking it all in stride.”

Rubinstein-Gilbert said alcohol was “absolutely not” a factor in the incident. No charges are pending.