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Why Conservatives Need Hillary Clinton To Win

Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton reacts as she is introduced to speak at the Massachusetts Conference for Women in Boston, Thursday, Dec. 4, 2014. (AP Photo/Elise Amendola)

If there is one thing most Democrats and Conservatives can agree on, it is their mutual dislike of Hillary Clinton. Although for different reasons, both groups distrust Hillary, and agree she would be disastrous for America. Yet, we Conservatives need Hillary to win her party’s nomination.

For most of the primary, Bernie Sanders has been leading in general election polls against ALL Republican candidates. Hillary Clinton has not faired quite as well as Sanders though. Even in recent polls Hillary has lost, tied, or won within the margin of error. Just released yesterday through The One America News Network and Gravis Marketing poll, Clinton shows at 48% support, Trump at 46% support, with 5% voting for another candidate. Hillary is seen to be up by 2% over Trump, and within the margin of error. In a Public Policy Polling survey released Tuesday, Clinton had 42% to Trump’s 38%, this poll accounting for one of Hillary’s better percentages. Also, in favorability polls Hillary’s numbers have been consistently decreasing. More people showing dislike, and distrust, for her than ever, over more and more time.

Sanders’ and Trump’s polling numbers have been very disturbing to Conservatives. On average, Sanders defeats Trump by 14 points. On April 24th, according to a USA Today/Suffolk poll, Sanders wins by 15 points. An April 28th poll by IBD/TIPP shows Sanders winning by 12 points. Lastly, a May 1st poll by CNN/ORC show Sanders ahead by 16 points. In modern presidential politics, all of these numbers would likely produce a landslide victory win for Sanders.

The general election is still about 6 months away, and anything can happen in 6 months. The one thing that is very unlikely to happen between now and then though, is for the love to suddenly grow for Hillary Clinton, even from voters in her own party. If Conservatives are serious about winning the White House come November, we need to take these numbers very seriously. Up until now, the DNC has been intent on making Hillary their nominee, that was until they themselves seen the recent poll numbers. Republicans, and Conservatives, need to do everything we can to help insure the DNC follows through with their coronation of Hillary, unless we wish to lose come November.