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Hillary Compares Bill’s Victim To A Rapist

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An attack ad went out yesterday by The New York Times accusing Donald Trump of abusing women, particularly an ex-lover of his. Since the article’s release however, the Times’ main “accuser” has gone on national news programs and rebuked such claims. She has even stated how the NYT lied to her about the paper’s intent, and took many of her statements out of context. The actions from the NYT have created a sense of deja vu for many of us old enough to remember the 1990’s, particularly the scandals surrounding Hillary, Bill, and Bill’s women. Let’s begin with Gennifer Flowers. Flowers had come out in 1992 and claimed to have had a 12 year affair with Bill Clinton. In a television interview Hillary said, “when this woman first got caught up in these charges I felt as I felt about all of these women, that you know they have just been minding their own business and they got hit by a meteor and it was no fault of their own. We reached out to them I met with two of them to reassure them they were friends of ours I felt terrible about what was happening to them. You know Bill talked to this woman every time she called distraught saying her life was gonna be ruined, and you know he’d get off the phone and tell me that she said sort of wacky things which we thought were attributable to the fact she was terrified.” Bill then went on to blame it on the Republican administrations before this by saying, “it was only when money came out when, when the tabloid went down there offering people money to say that uh, they have been involved with me that she changed her story. There was a recession, times were tough and, and I think you can expect more and more of these stories as long as they’re down there handing out money”. That was a nice way to set up a defense for any future claims as well. Just a few days later, during a January 30th, 1992 interview on Primetime, Hillary went on to also say, “[Flowers] she pretended her life was ruined, she’s a liar.” she continued, “Sam if someone is willing to pay you $130,000 or $170,000 to say something and you get your 15 minutes of fame and you get your picture of the front page of every newspaper, you’re some failed Cabernet singer who doesn’t even have much of a resume to fall back on and what’s there she lied about you know that’s the daughter of Willie Horton.” For those of you who aren’t familiar with that name, Willie Horton was first mentioned in American politics in 1988. Bush’s then campaign manager, Lee Atwater, said at the time, “By the time we’re finished, they’re going to wonder whether Willie Horton is Dukakis’ running mate.” For the 1992 presidential campaign, Atwater was Bill Clinton’s campaign manager. Hillary likely never heard of Horton, but was probably told to use the name by Atwater. The real Willie Horton was a prisoner in the state of Massachusetts who enjoyed a weekend furlough, and did not return. As a result, he committed several more crimes, including sexual assault. Yes, you’ve read that correctly. Hillary, in 1992, compared a truth telling Flowers to a convicted felon, and rapist, who took advantage of a prison program to escape from jail.

Then there’s Juanita Broaddrick. Juanita claims to have been intimidated by Hillary back in 1978, just 2weeks after Bill Clinton violently raped her in a hotel room. At a rally, Hillary made it a point to seek Juanita out from the crowd. Hillary had even inquired to her driver about Juanita, asking if she would be attending. Once she found Juanita, Hillary walked up to her, grabbed her hand, squeezed it very hard and said to Juanita, “we want to thank you for everything you do for Bill.” Juanita was alarmed, and tried to walk away, at which point Hillary drew her in even closer and said, “everything you do”, then left the rally immediately afterwards. Juanita has stated that she knew there was more to this false show of appreciation, and it sure as hell wasn’t a genuine ‘thank you’. It was more than likely a warning from Hillary to keep quiet. Juanita wasn’t even the only woman to come forward with claims of sexual assault, or harassment. Kathleen Wiley said in a March 15th, 1998 interview on 60 Minutes that Bill Clinton sexually assaulted her inside the Oval Office. Yes, another Oval Office tryst. Wiley claimed that on November 29th, 1993, Clinton had grabbed and held her tightly, kissed her mouth, grabbed her breast, and forced her to put her hand on his genitals. Then there’s Paula Jones. She had brought a sexual harassment suit against Bill Clinton which eventually led to his impeachment and disbarment. James Carville, a long time Clinton family friend, and Hillary surrogate, implied Jones was some trailer-trash prostitute by saying “if you drag a hundred dollar bill through a trailer park, you you never know what you’ll find.” Of course, what Clinton story would be complete without the one name everyone born before 1985 will remember forever, Monica Lewinsky, who Hillary once called a “narcissistic looney toon.” That was, of course, until the discovery of a little blue dress that proved Monica was telling the truth like so many women had done before her.
These are all successful, intelligent women who have come forward. I would prefer any one of them to being president over Hillary. In a 1998 interview Hillary said the women accusing her husband would have “a lot to answer for”, and they’d have their backgrounds investigated. She even ran a “war room” in hopes of cracking down on these “bimbo eruptions”. If this is what Hillary does to women who tell the truth, I sure hope no one finds out what she does to women who may have lied about something in the past. Maybe this is why Hillary is one of the few Democrats who favors the death penalty.