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Is Obama Preparing For WWIII?

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Earlier today President Obama announced at a news conference in Hanoi, Vietnam, that the U.S. would be lifting the decades old ban on sales of lethal military equipment to Vietnam. Of course, lifting this ban is contingent on Vietnam agreeing to improve their human rights record. This is just the latest in President Obama’s efforts to change the world. Last year it was the Iran nuclear agreement. So far, Iran has followed the terms of the agreement flawlessly, however, the White House has some concern over their attitude. At a press conference in April of this year, Obama stated “Iran has so far followed the letter of the agreement, but the spirit of the agreement involves Iran also sending signals to the world community and businesses that it is not going to be engaging in a range of provocative actions that are going to scare businesses off.” In other words, Iran is also supposed to welcome capitalism and western culture into it’s borders. Now this deal is more understandable. This wasn’t about helping Iran produce power, this was really about opening up Iran’s borders to American companies so our wealthy can become more wealthy. Why else would Obama break down historic barriers in Iran, Vietnam, and also Cuba? So far, Cuba is the only country that has shown suspicion towards our president’s motives. Just after Obama left Cuba, after being the first president to visit in over 50 years, Fidel Castro released a statement in his country that read in part, “Let no one succumb to the illusion that the people of this noble and self-abnegating nation will ever renounce the glory, the rights, and the spiritual bounty won with its achievements in education, the sciences, and culture.” He added, “We don’t need the Empire to give us anything.” The “Empire” meaning the United States.
Lifting the ban on the sales of military weapons to Vietnam will undoubtedly please the military industrial complex, and their shareholders. One has to wonder though, at what cost to the U.S.? Will this become another case of our weapons falling into the hands of those who wish us harm? Will this become another case of our allies turning into our enemies? Or, was this a strategic move in hopes of better positioning us should we find ourselves at odds with China, or Russia? Turning Iran into a capitalist society similar to Saudi Arabia, and normalizing relations with Cuba and Vietnam, would certainly help us should we come to war with either Asian super power. However, putting lethal military weapons in the hands of those who were once our enemies is not something that helps me sleep at night.